Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Like anything that is closely associated to the web, travel is quickly evolving. There are an array of web 2.0 travel networking sites where you can blog, share photos, meet other travelers, yadda, yadda. New search engines aimed exclusively at travelers are always popping-up. Last minute deal sites are a dime a dozen, but who is helping consumers navigate their way through it all? While guidebooks can be important for the actual journey, no one can really help you swim through the muck on the web, or tell you how it really is on the road. I've seen travel web communities that aim to break that barrier, but the truth is that there is almost too much information out there and reviews tend to be general. That's why I am here.

I'm a news and travel journalist, so I'm trained to uncover the truth. In fact, I trained for six years, spent even more time actually working as a writer. I've lived abroad in Ecuador and budget traveled my way through out most of South America and before that, Europe. I've traveled Mexico & Costa Rica. I've also crossed the USA three times by car, hiking nearly every U.S. National Park in the lower 48.

I've traveled in luxury and on a shoestring. I've traveled with a budget and have also thrown all caution to the wind. I'm a safety girl at heart so it is my nature (which I admit is some times annoying) to weigh every risk and obstacle. However, this trait has never steered me away from scaling a cliff or hitting the rapids.

I am a constant support of travel counsel and planning to friends and family, and at times I've even given free advise to complete strangers while waiting for pad thai. The know-how of travel is my passion. There is so much to know and can be an overwhelming adventure for many, so here I give you my blog, a news portal that informs and updates you on travel options, deals and other entertaining, yet informative bites.


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