Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Travel Tipper--travel sites to watch for cheap Latin Travel

We're keep'in the mojo with latin travel this week.... So, if you're headed south, or east ro west, check it out!

Ones to Watch:


I was a little skeptical at first. Its logo is a car with wings, but I try not to judge a book by its cover (however, in this day and age with the Internet, its becoming harder and harder to follow that) anyhow, when I delve into the site, I realized that this site is able to combine some of the more well-known low-rate airline carrier into their fold, providing an over all good deal to the customer. Take Jetblue for example, no other consolidator site was providing a package with Jetblue, but allcheapfares.com was, which reduced a ticket to Lima, Peru from Boston, Ma to $700, instead of $850 like the other travel sites that sell airline tixs.


The cool thing about flycheapabroad.com is that it specializes in Latin American fares. You have to book it out at least four days ahead, but its prices seem to be a bit cheaper by average of $50-60 a ticket. Considering international taxes can be rough on the wallet, they keep that cost down.

Check it out!

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